The Attraction of Dating Older Men

Posted by | May 23th, 2017

Older Man Attraction

Traditionally dating outside of the age bracket has been seen by society to be more likely to cover younger women and older men. The reason behind these pairings in the past was a mix of environmental and social influences, an example of this would be starting a relationship to acquire status amongst a peer group. Even though such influences are still, in conclusion, the choice appears to be changing from one of the necessities to one of preference.

However, what is the explanations of the attraction of dating older men? Here are some reasons that younger men should ponder:

Older Men Look More Physically Appealing - Oftentimes, there’s a physical reason for older men attraction to women; older men look a lot sexier than younger men. Older men have the physique, which will make any women fall.

Older Men Have Their Own Job Already - Some women prefer to go out with older men mainly because they are certain. They have the savings to shoulder all the costs of their trips and dates because they have a good and stable job. Indeed, they will not feel guilty when it comes to paying the bills.

Older Men Are Far More Serious About Relationships - In general, older men are serious when it comes to matters of their heart. Given that they’re already of age, they don’t play around with women anymore. They say what they really feel – no being around the bushes. Ladies feel contentment and peace with this kind of setup.

Older Men Are Good Conversationalist - Older guys are fostered by their experience and age. Basically, they don’t make senseless talks. Since some women get bored talking when it comes to trivial topics that often come from younger men; they like to have a good and intelligent conversation with other men.

Older Guys Are Financially Secured - Another reason which leads to older men attraction is that older men are financially secured. However, do not be mistaken; this isn’t a concern of gold-digging. This is only a matter of being practical. For some girls, stability is the main concern; happiness will come next automatically.

Women Feel Emotionally Stable - Many women think older men have gone through many relationships while they were still young; thus, they will not cheat any longer. They’re already in the phase of their lives where they’re already thinking of settling for a single woman only. A lover’s quarrel will perhaps not prevail.

Women Feel Protected - A lot of women feel safe every time they’re with somebody older than they are. Bear in mind, women have this kind of “baby instinct,” they prefer to be cared for. They like to be protected always by their men. Further, they don’t expect men younger men – men their age- to save them in instances of “distress.” A knight in shining armor is what most women like older men.

You will find some women who drop younger men like hot sweet potatoes even during the first attempt, and this is how the attraction of dating older men means for women. >>>>Join Free Now