5 Dressing Tips for Your First Date with Rich Older Men

Posted by OldManAndYoungWoman.com | April 25th, 2017

Fisrt Date Dressing Tips

You’ve been talking with a rich older man from a online dating website, and the time has come to meet in person. You may be wondering how you should dress to ensure his attention is on you. First dates with a older rich man aren't that much different than first dates with a potential life mate. They are both scary.

One of the scariest things to do for your first date is to choose the clothing you’ll wear for that first date. However, it doesn’t need to be scary – just stay calm to find an outfit that doesn’t reveal more than you’d want it to for the first date. What should you keep in mind when choosing your clothing?

Don’t Experiment With the Style or Fashion - The last thing you need to be doing is trying another clothing or fashion style you’ve never tried before. First off, you don’t know how you’ll look in that style or if you’re going to be comfortable in it. Stay with the tried and true styles for your first date. You want to feel comfortable on the first date.

Go For Something Practical and Comfortable - First dates are already uncomfortable; don’t make it worse by wearing something you don’t feel comfortable in. The idea is to focus on your date, not your clothing. Wear clothes you already have in your closet. If you don’t wear heels now, don’t start for the date. Falling on a first date does not make for a good first impression.

Pick The Color Red - If you’re unsure of coloring for your clothes, red is the safest. Why? Rich older men see red as a sexy color. Red raises a man’s interest in a woman. All young women look good in red, so you just add some accessories to a red outfit to take his breath away.

Soft Fabric Summer Dresses - If the weather is nice and warm, consider a soft fabric summer dress. This kind of clothing makes you appear touchable as well as feminine. It will entice men to give you their attention. If you want an elegant look, consider pairing the summer dress with a jacket and ankle boots.

Apply Light Makeup - Experimenting with fashion isn’t just applied to clothing, but also to makeup. The idea is to highlight your best features, not overshadow them with a lot of makeup. Don’t use false eyelashes, a plethora of concealer, a really dark lipstick color, etc. Instead, you want his attention to be on your face – your eyes mainly. Use a mascara and liner to draw attention to your eyes. You can use a bright lipstick color to accentuate your lips.

Final Note - Yes, first dates can be scary, but you must focus on your comfort level. A first date is about getting to know the person you are with, and they get to know you. You can’t focus on them if you’re constantly feeling out of place in the clothing you are wearing. Stick with a style you know works for you and have a successful date with a rich older man. >>>>Join Free Now