10 Important Things Older Men Need To Remember When Dating a Younger Woman

Posted by OldManAndYoungWoman.com | May 18th, 2017

Old Man Young Woman

As a single, older man, are you contemplating the idea of dating a woman who is half your age or perhaps a tad bit younger than you? If your answer is yes, then you need to know the finer points of dating a younger woman.

Sure, every man has dreamed about dating a woman who is 10 years his senior; someone who is strikingly beautiful and doesn’t mind being dotedupon. However, this age gap in dating can be contemplated by a multitude of dangers such as the inability to meet expectations.

An older man dating a younger woman typically has a problem figuring out why he got her attention. And, when trying to figure this out, it often causes a rift between them because he’s under the assumption that what attracted him to her was something that was not the reason.

An older man must use his strengths to the best of his abilities without showing her any insecurity or overcompensate for his shortcomings. If she’s into dating older men, there’s a reason for it. For you, it means making the most of everything you are and what you have going for you.

1. Show Her That You’re Emotionally Mature

One of the biggest reasons a younger woman dates an older man is for his emotional maturity. Younger women may date their own age, but find that their emotional maturity is not what she likes. They do have the good looks, but that would be about it. Women want men who are mature, which doesn’t happen until men hit their early to mid-30s. For the moment, young men are all about farting and leaving the windows rolled up on the vehicle while laughing at her expense.

It’s up to you to use their immaturity to your advantage. Let her know that you understand how she feels and be responsive to things she tells you. Let her see how emotionally mature you are, as it’s a turn-on for her.

2. Show Her That You’re One Smart Cookie

When it comes to older men, you certainly have some wisdom behind you. You certainly have learned about life, which is something you can demonstrate to her. There’s no reason to talk about math or science, but the other topics in life that can affect her such as politics or something she has an interest in.

Younger men don’t have the patience to deal with a woman’s intellectual side. Younger women will often value your opinions, so go ahead and give them your opinion with confidence. Since you have a plethora of knowledge within you, you can strike up a conversation and hold her attention for longer than a younger man who’s more concerned about sports and drinking.

3. Share With Her Your Experiences In Life

There’s no reason to act bigger than you are. A young woman doesn’t care to hear about your lies of being a race car driver or anything like that. Instead, focus on things you’ve done in your life, where you went, people you have met, etc.

When you share things about yourself with her, she’s going to want to learn more. She’ll be fascinated by the knowledge and realize that men her own age have never “been there, done that.”

4. Show Her That Her Life Is Interesting

Younger men are horrible at showing the women that they are interested in all things about her. Many times, the men will talk about themselves and what has been going on in their life – forgetting that she is there.

Take advantage of this by showing the younger ladies that you do care about them and things that are going on. When talking to her, make sure the conversation is a two-way street; that you do care about her life and want to learn more about her. Listen; don’t just talk.

Older men have a level of patience and empathy that young men have yet to develop. Use this invaluable tool to your advantage to win over a younger woman’s heart. Make her feel important when she talks by actually listening to what she has to say.

5. Show Her Your Interest With Physical Touching

Once the relationship has gone beyond the usual talking and listening stage, you can show her that dating you can extend to the bedroom too. While younger men can go for multiple times in a night, they tend to focus on the final action and not the moments leading up to the final curtain. He’s more concerned about getting “his nut” than taking care of her needs.

Since you’ve already been through that stage, you know the importance of pleasing a woman. Learn from your sexual history and use your knowledge to give her the first intense orgasms she ever has. She’ll beg you for it over and over.

6. Don’t Buy Her Off To Keep Her

Though you are older and probably have an established career, you don’t need to constantly buy things in order to keep her around. You may have the money to spend on her, but you could end up doing more harm than good. Don’t buy her affections.

And, if she does accept your cash and gifts all the time, she’s not caring about you but the money. Do you really want to date someone who is concerned about what you can give them financially?

7. Don’t Act Better Than Her

Sure, you’re older, and you may have “been there, done that,” but keep in mind that constantly telling her about your plethora of knowledge will make her feel that she can’t compete. You have to realize that her experiences in life are just as important as yours, even if they’re not as big as yours. While they may not mean a lot to you, chances are they mean a lot to her.

8. Ignore The Rumors

The reality is that some people – men and women – are jealous. They may talk about the age gap and start rumors about the person you are dating. Ignore the rumors and continue doing what you like doing with who you want to do it with. If you listen to what these folks have to say, you could miss out on a really good relationship.

9. Forgo The Fashion Trends

Believe it or not, younger women are not concerned with how you dress, and they’re not impressed when you try dressing like a man of their own age. Remember, she’s dating you for your sophistication. Forget the fashion trends of the yester-years and don’t try acting younger than you are. If she were concerned about fashion, she’d be with a guy her own age.

10. Don’t Act Like You’re An Athlete

When it comes to energy and vitality, younger men have older men beat…hands down. So, put down the energy drinks and forget the Viagra. Remember, she’s not concerned with the energy you have, but something else entirely. >>>>Join Free Now